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Auxilary Braking Systems

The service brakes are a motorhome’s primary braking system. Most coach owners know that riding those brakes will overheat them and cause brake fade, resulting in a lack of stopping capability that can lead to serious, even fatal, consequences. But there are times, such as when descending a long grade, when it’s necessary to control the vehicle’s speed for an extended period. An auxiliary braking system is the best way to accomplish that.

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Newell P50

Meticulous planning and construction, as well as ongoing innovations, are evident in each motorhome produced by Newell Coach Corporation.

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Norris Dam And The Secret City

So often while traveling in the South, we find our motorhomes parked alongside a sparkling Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) lake. One of the most beautiful is Norris Lake in Tennessee. How it made a drastic impact not only on American history but on the entire world is quite a story.

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A Well-Traveled Life

Perhaps another FMCA member has traveled more miles, visited more countries, and explored more back roads than Henryk Szostak, F85634. Perhaps not. It’s impossible to say, for the Laguna Woods, California, resident cannot account for every journey he has made in his 81 years.

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