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President's Message

FMCA’s Future

Hello, My Fellow FMCA Family. We recently sent some vital information to members of FMCA’s Governing Board and to chapter presidents that we want to share with the entire membership via my column this month.

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FMCA Update

It’s Time To Go RVing!

For those who placed their motorhomes in mothballs for the winter, April often is the time when thoughts turn to prepping it for spring travels and hitting the road. In case you missed it, last month’s issue of the magazine contained an article about “dewinterizing” an RV and getting it ready for the travel season ahead (page 46).

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Readers' Forum

2017 Continental Not Flat-Towable

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is not approved for four-wheels-down towing, a Lincoln spokesman confirmed in a February 17 email to Family Motor Coaching. That is a reversal from the information published in the 2017 Lincoln owners manual (first printing) and in the Ford/Lincoln 2017 RV & Trailer Towing Guide.

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Tech Talk

Towing A Silverado

In the owners manual for my 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the flat towing instructions say to remove the negative battery cable. How do I get power to the Even Brake to stop the truck?

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House Calls

Odor Origins

Dear RV Doctor:

I attended one of your recent motorhome maintenance talks. You spoke about ways to reduce or eliminate sewer odor. One recommendation was to replace the P-traps with HepvO waterless sanitary valves. While I can see the value in getting rid of gray-water odor, I thought the real sewer odors came from the black-water system, which just has the toilet connected to it. I have not used a motorhome yet, so all of this is theoretical for me, although I have smelled it in marine pplications. Can you please clarify?

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Tech & Travel Tips

Napkin Holder

At a table setting, it’s easy to present a paper napkin in a pretty butterfly shape. Just slip the folded napkin through the tines of a fork. The napkin will be safer from breezes, too. Similarly, you can use the tines of a fork to hold a recipe card. Also, placing the edge of a crisp taco shell into the tines keeps the shell upright while it’s being filled.

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Family & Friends: A Gift For Gatlinburg

In November 2016, members of the Allegheny Mountain chapter were saddened by news of the devastating wildfires that were consuming thousands of acres in the beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee, area and much of Sevier County. The flames caused 14 deaths, nearly 200 injuries, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. One chapter member went online, found the phone number of a church in the affected area, and called to see whether it was providing direct help to fire victims. That call resulted in one of those small miracles we often take for granted.

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