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President's Message: Bit By The Motorhome Bug

Hello, My Fellow FMCA Family. While sitting around with a group of friends at the FMCA campground in Cincinnati last week, we started talking about our first motorhomes and how we became involved in RVing. When my turn to share arrived, I unfolded the story of how and why motorhoming happened upon Gloria and me.

Readers' Forum: December 2016

More Praise For FMCAssist
Dear Editor:
I want to praise FMCA for furnishing the FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Program for members. We read the letters in the magazine, but figured we would never need it, right? Wrong. Something can happen to any one of us, and it did happen to my wife, Lee.

Tech Talk: December 2016

Electric Step
My 2000 National RV motorhome (bought new) has a Kwikee electric step that needs a new motor assembly. Both National and Kwikee no longer exist. I’ve tried to find a new or used replacement with no luck.

House Calls: December 2016

Spare Propane Regulator
Dear RV Doctor:
I have a Type A motorhome with a bolted-on propane tank that uses a two-stage horizontal regulator. The 10-year-old regulator works fine, but I would like to carry a spare, as you suggest in your video on the FMCA YouTube channel.

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Tech & Travel Tips: December 2016

Photographic Memory
We always seem to have a problem remembering what we’ve left in the motorhome since we used it last. So, before exiting the coach, we take pictures of everything in the bathroom cabinets, the pantry, and our other closets and drawers.

Family & Friends: Dogwood Chapter Marks 20th Anniversary

The Dogwood chapter was formed by Steve and Judy Czarsty in June 1996 at a seafood festival in Portsmouth, Virginia. Many festival attendees were FMCA members but not involved with a local chapter, so they established a new one and named it Dogwood. (The flowering dogwood is Virginia’s state flower and state tree.) The chapter has been going strong ever since.

Family & Friends: Scotian Roamers Gather For 20th Anniversary Rally

Scotian Roamers members celebrated the chapter’s 20th anniversary with a rally that drew 32 motorhomes to Elm River RV Park in Glenholme, Nova Scotia, from June 9-12, 2016. One could sense this rally was special, starting with the Thursday meet and greet. Everyone was glad to see each other; they enjoyed catching up on the past year and looked forward to sharing the weekend.