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President’s Message: Remember, Reflect

Hello, My Fellow FMCA Family. Gloria and I enjoyed a somewhat leisurely trip en route to Chandler, Arizona, site of FMCA’s 95th International Convention, March 7 through 10. At least it was leisurely compared with our earlier travels this year, when we crisscrossed the country going from one area rally to the next. Someone recently asked whether the tires on our motorhome ever cool off. The answer to that since I took office as FMCA national president in July 2013 has been, “Not often.”

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FMCA Update: Gearing Up For Travel

I have spoken in the past about months that are special to me. May is one of them. I am fortunate to have married my beautiful wife, Jill, six years ago this month. She is a wonderful mother to my children and words cannot express how lucky I am to have her. I hear great stories about how many of our members have been with their loved ones for much longer than that. My hope is that I am blessed enough to enjoy the journey of life with her for many years to come.

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Tech Talk: May 2017

Inverter Input Voltage


We have a 2006 Tiffin Allegro built on a Workhorse chassis with an 8.1-liter engine. Several years ago I installed a Tripp Lite inverter/charger, model RV1250ULHW. Two years ago we were on a trip and stopped for the night at an RV park. I plugged into shore power and noticed that the remote panel for the inverter was showing shutdown due to overcharge


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House Calls: May 2017

I own a 2005 National RV Dolphin motorhome. The kitchen/living room is half tiled and half carpeted. We would like to replace the carpet with vinyl planks that look like wood. They are about 6 inches by 3 feet and are self-stick. The product is called TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring, which features the GripStrip design; it’s available at Home Depot. This product is thin and flexible. A friend replaced his carpet with this product and has experienced no problems. He has an older National RV coach that employed a step-up slide mechanism. My coach, however, has a newer flat-floor mechanism. Will our slide operate properly with this thin material on the floor? My mechanic says that the slide wheels will tear the vinyl floor. I'm looking for another opinion.

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Tech & Travel Tips: May 2017

My wife and I decided that when staying in a campground, we should have a means of quickly summoning help to our RV during an emergency. So, I ordered two key fobs online for less than $4. In less than a minute, I programmed them to activate our Ford F-150 pickup. Using hook-and-loop straps, we mounted one fob over the bed and one by the entry door. Now, in an emergency we can press the alarm button on a fob and cause our truck’s lights to flash and the horn to blow continuously. This alerts people to check on us and also directs emergency personnel to our location.

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Family & Friends: RVers’ Mission: Build Churches And Relationships

Little did we know 40 years ago when we purchased our first camper, a 16-foot travel trailer, that we would be enjoying the RV lifestyle as we are today. Since we first towed our little Fleetwing to county parks for the weekend, we have owned seven RVs, each one a bit bigger than the last. Six years ago we sold our primary residence and became full-time motorhomers.


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