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Napkin Holder

At a table setting, it’s easy to present a paper napkin in a pretty butterfly shape. Just slip the folded napkin through the tines of a fork. The napkin will be safer from breezes, too. Similarly, you can use the tines of a fork to hold a recipe card. Also, placing the edge of a crisp taco shell into the tines keeps the shell upright while it’s being filled.

Janet Groene, F47166
Live Oak, Florida

Shade Pull

The side curtain on our motorhome is a spring-loaded, pull-down shade. When I needed the shade to be drawn to block out the sun while traveling, my wife would have to get out of her seat and pull the shade down. To eliminate this problem, I drilled a 1/16-inch hole in the center of the screen pull at the bottom of the shade and threaded a piece of cord through the hole, tying it off in the back. I tied the other end of the cord to the return at the top. Now I can raise or lower the shade from the driver’s seat. I hope this helps anyone who may be having the same problem.

Jim Thompson
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Hook To Fasten Tire Covers

I grew tired of crawling under my motorhome to fasten my tire covers. To secure a cover to a tire, I always had to toss an elastic cord around the backside of the wheel, double the cord back, and then push a plastic ball through a loop. Then I hatched the idea of using my awning hook. (My RV has a manual awning; if yours is electric, you might have an awning hook for your window shades. Or just buy such a hook.) After I place a cover on a tire, I slide the awning hook behind and parallel to the tire. I grab the loop with the hook, pull the loop end to the other side of the cover, slip the elastic loop through an eyelet at that end, and then reverse direction of the awning hook to fasten the loop over the ball. No more crawling from one side of the tire to the other.

Tim Slack
Via email

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