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RV Products: March 2018

Charging Station


A corollary of Murphy’s Law: In an RV, if one person’s electronic device needs to be charged, everybody else’s does, too. One way to be ready is with the ChargeHub X7, which can charge up to seven USB devices simultaneously.

The X7’s output provides a maximum of 2.4 amps per port, and 8.8 amps overall. The device measures 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches and weighs 1 pound. Nine colors are available. A CableLinx micro-to-USB charge cable is included. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $59.99. An optional custom insert ($4.99) allows you to personalize ChargeHub with your own images and designs.

Limitless Innovations Inc.
4800 Metalmaster Way
McHenry, IL 60050
(855) 843-4828


Seat Covers


In hot weather, a sheepskin seat cover keeps you from being scorched. When it’s cold, the same seat cover provides cozy comfort. And regardless of the weather, such covers protect your upholstery (and hide existing wear and tear).

Active RV Upholstery Center recently began offering custom-made sheepskin covers for captain’s chairs in Type A and Type C motorhomes. You can choose from a dozen colors. To check availability of seat covers for your RV, visit the company’s website. The price for one seat cover is $295; the price for a bottom cover only is $149. Armrest covers also are available. For free shipping, use the coupon code FREESHIPPING.

Active RV Upholstery Center
3351 S. Avenue 4 E.
Yuma, AZ 85365
(800) 393-2169


RV Blanket 


RVers who always feel cold can look cool while keeping warm. They need only wrap themselves in The Throw, from Camp Casual (pictured here in the company’s Road Trip print). The throw blanket is 100 percent polyester, measures 50 inches by 60 inches, and is machine washable.

What’s cool are the retro-inspired images of RVs on one side. The reverse side of the Road Trip throw is a solid color, either pumpkin or gray. The throw comes in a reusable plastic carrier. The price is $79.99.

Camp Casual
29399 Agoura Road
Suite 109
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 864-2707


Cutting Tool


Scissors are a fine invention, with limitations. Ever try to cut through clamshell packaging? Tough sledding, that. ZipSnip, from Worx, is designed to take on such tough tasks. It also cuts cloth, leather, corrugated cardboard, vinyl sheet goods, and more, including, of course, paper. 

The tool weighs 1 pound and features a self-sharpening steel blade that is 1.5 inches in diameter. Like a miniature circular saw, the blade rotates at 260 rpm and is enclosed by a blade guard. A built-in cutting guide makes possible straight, contour, or curved cuts. Maximum cutting thickness is 1/4 inch. The tool is powered by a 4-volt internal lithium-ion battery. A built-in charging port brings the tool to a full charge in five hours. The suggested retail price is $37.99.

Positec USA Inc.
10130 Perimeter Parkway
Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28216
(855) 279-0505


Telescoping Ladder


To stay on top of RV maintenance, sometimes you have to reach the top of your RV. That’s when a ladder, such as the Telesteps 1600EP, comes in handy.

The OSHA-compliant telescopic ladder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It weighs 25 pounds and closes to 32 inches, making it easy to store. The ladder extends to 12.5 feet, with a maximum standing height of 9.4 feet. It is rated for a maximum working load of 300 pounds. The suggested retail price is $316.50. 

Regal Ideas
9320 Fourth Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98108
(801) 850-1413


Water Regulator


Nobody wants RV plumbing problems caused by excessively high campground water pressure. Protecting an RV’s water lines and pumps is easy enough with a device such as the Deluxe High-Flow Water Regulator, from JR Products.

Fairview Fittings manufactures the regulator, which is made of brass. The regulator fits standard 3/4-inch hose fittings and is designed to keep water pressure constant at 55 psi at all inlet pressures. It provides 14 gallons per minute (gpm) at 75-psi inlet pressure; 17 gpm at 100-psi inlet pressure; and 20 gpm at 125-psi inlet pressure. The suggested retail price is $74.08.

JR Products
9680 County Road
Clarence Center, NY 14032
(800) 269-7622


Entrance Steps


It’s one thing to walk happily with a spring in your step. It’s quite another to bounce precariously on rickety RV steps. Lippert Components designed SolidStep to provide a stable platform with a 400-pound capacity.

SolidStep stows inside an RV’s entry-door frame. Features include manual steel steps with aluminum treads; adjustable leg extensions that reach to the ground; a kickplate to prevent damage to the sidewall and skirt; an extra-wide top landing step; and pivoting feet that provide a solid foundation on sloping terrain. The suggested retail price for a triple-step SolidStep is $377.95; the quadruple-step version is $413.95.

Lippert Components Inc.
3501 County Road 6 E.
Elkhart, IN 46514
(574) 537-8900


Jack Pads


DICA, a company that makes engineered outrigger pads and crane pads for the construction and utilities industries, has applied that expertise to produce RoadWarrior jack pads for RVs.

RoadWarrior jack pads, made of engineered thermoplastic material, are unbreakable, waterproof, and chemical-resistant. The pads are available in diameters of 12 inches, 15 inches, and 18 inches.  (The 12-inch pad features an antiskid wheel/jack pocket to safely contain a tongue jack or wheel.) The 12-inch pad is rated for 25,000 pounds; the price is $39.99. The 15-inch pad is rated for 35,000 pounds; it costs $49.99. The 18-inch pad is rated for 50,000 pounds; it is $69.99. 

104 Industrial Road
Guthrie Center, IA 50115
(800) 610-3422


Waste Evacuator


The Sani-Con Turbo 300, a waste-evacuation system from Thetford Corporation, will work with all RV types. But it can be especially useful on travel trailers where a permanent installation of the macerating pump on the sewer outlet is not possible. (Other Sani-Con Turbo models are designed for permanent installation.)

The Sani-Con Turbo 300, also known as the Portable Tank Buddy, features a 1.5-inch-diameter hose that extends 15 feet. The discharge nozzle fits six dump station inlet sizes. When hooked up to any 12-volt power supply, the macerator pump moves waste 9 feet uphill or 100 feet horizontally. Forty gallons can be dumped in less than a minute. A storage case is included. For product availability and pricing, contact Thetford’s Key Dealer network.

Thetford Corporation
7101 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(800) 543-1219



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