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Recall Corner: March 2018

The following recall notices are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To search for recalls, investigations, and complaints by vehicle year, make, and model, visit NHTSA's Vehicle Safety Hotline is (888) 327-4236.

Daimler Vans USA

Recall 17V-804: Certain 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 and Freightliner Sprinter 3500 vehicles manufactured from March 31, 2017, to October 13, 2017, and equipped with the crosswind assist function. In the event of a strong crosswind, automatic brake interventions by the vehicle dynamics control system might not be activated. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, (800) 367-6372; Freightliner Sprinter, (877) 762-8267.

Ford Motor Company

Recall 17V-768: Certain 2017 F-53 motorhome chassis manufactured from November 10, 2016, to November 17, 2016, and equipped with antilock brake systems (ABS). The brake hydraulic electronic control units (HECU) may be missing valve block ball plugs, potentially causing a brake fluid leak or air ingestion during electronic brake distribution and/or ABS activation. The Ford reference number for the recall is 17S41. Ford, (866) 436-7332.

Forest River Inc.

Recall 17V-790: Certain 2018 Salem travel trailers manufactured from August 31, 2017, to December 4, 2017, and certain Wildwood travel trailers manufactured from September 29, 2017, to December 4, 2017. The federal placard incorrectly states that the trailers are equipped with ST215/75R15 Load Range D tires, but the installed tires are size ST205/75R15 Load Range D.  Forest River, (574) 534-4058.

Recall 17V-799: Certain 2016-2018 Berkshire XLT motorhomes manufactured from September 28, 2015, to December 1, 2017. Incorrect circuit breakers may cause excessive heat and increase the risk of a fire. Forest River, (574) 522-1368.

Recall 17V-808: Certain 2018 Sandpiper fifth-wheels manufactured from September 12, 2017, to November 21, 2017, and certain Sierra fifth-wheels manufactured from November 21, 2017, to December 8, 2017. The federal placard may incorrectly indicate the recommended tire pressure to be 110 psi; actual tire pressure should be 95 psi. Forest River, (574) 534-4574.

Recall 17V-825: Certain 2018 Coachmen Galleria motorhomes, models GAB24FLM, GAB24QM, and GAB24TM, manufactured from September 18, 2017, to November 27, 2017. The inverter was installed using a lead wire that may not be able to handle the amperage draw. Forest River, (574) 825-8590.  

Grand Design RV LLC

Recall 17V-743: Certain 2018 Reflection travel trailers, model 297RSTS, manufactured from September 1, 2017, to November 7, 2017. While the vehicle is being towed, clearance may be insufficient between the tire and the ram that moves the slideout. Grand Design, (574) 825-9679.

Recall 17V-789: Certain 2017-2018 Reflection and Imagine travel trailers manufactured from January 31, 2017, to August 25, 2017, and equipped with a Smart Jack power tongue jack. The laminated plastic touch pad on the jack may crack or separate, allowing water to enter, potentially causing the jack to operate unintentionally. Grand Design, (574) 825-9679.

Gulf Stream Coach

Recall 17V-757: Certain 2018 Gulf Stream Coach 19FMB Gulf Breeze and Geo travel trailers manufactured from August 16, 2017, to August 30, 2017. The federal label lists an incorrect number of axles on the trailer. Gulf Stream, (800) 289-8787.

Keystone Rv Company

Recall 17V-827: Certain 2018 Hideout RVs, model 303, manufactured from October 24, 2017, to November 22, 2017. The federal placard incorrectly lists the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) as 5,080 pounds and the tire size as ST225/75R15D with 65 psi; the correct GAWR is 5,200 pounds and correct tire size is ST225/75R15E with 80 psi. Keystone, (866) 425-4369.

K.Z. Inc.

Recall 17V-785: Certain 2014-2015 Durango Gold fifth-wheels manufactured from February 15, 2014, to January 9, 2015. A rivet for the quad entry steps may shear and fail, causing the steps to give way. K.Z., (800) 768-4016, extension 154 or 153.

Newmar Corporation

Recall 17V-797: Certain 2018 Bay Star and Bay Star Sport motorhomes manufactured from January 20, 2017, to November 10, 2017. The front side-marker lights may not be connected to the wiring harness; also, when the headlight high beams are activated, the low beams may not illuminate as intended. Newmar, (800) 731-8300.

Recall 17V-830: Certain 2016-2018 Bay Star, Bay Star Sport, Canyon Star, Dutch Star, Essex, King Aire, London Aire, Mountain Aire, New Aire, Ventana, and Ventana LE motorhomes manufactured from February 22, 2016, to October 9, 2017. The vehicles may have a loose power connection at the automatic transfer switch, possibly resulting in a buildup of heat. Newmar, (800) 731-8300.

REV Recreation Group

Recall 17V-802: Certain 2018 Fleetwood Axon, Bounder, Flair, Southwind, Pace Arrow, and Pace Arrow LXE motorhomes, and certain 2018 Holiday Rambler Navigator, Navigator XE, Reno, Vacationer, and Vacationer XE motorhomes. The satellite dish may detach from the roof while driving. REV, (800) 509-3417.

Recall 17V-829: Certain 2018 American Coach American Dream and American Revolution; Fleetwood Discovery and Discovery LXE; Holiday Rambler Endeavor and Endeavor XE; and Monaco Marquis motorhomes. Water may enter the 12-volt harness connectors due to missing gaskets or the placement of the pin connectors, or both, potentially causing an electrical short. REV, (800) 509-3417.

Travel Lite RV

Recall 17V-779: Certain 2018 Falcon travel trailers, models F-23TH and F-23RB, manufactured from April 3, 2017, to November 17, 2017. Lippert Components installed a 2-inch Class III hitch coupler instead of a 25/16-inch Class III hitch coupler. Lippert Components, (574) 538-4514.

Triple E Recreational Vehicles

Recall 17V-778: Certain 2016-2018 Wonder motorhomes, model W24MB, manufactured from August 25, 2015, to November 9, 2017. The bolts that fasten the passenger-side seat pedestal may be improperly tightened. Triple E, (877) 992-9906.

Winnebago Industries Inc.

Recall 17V-736: Certain 2017-2018 Grand Tour and Journey motorhomes manufactured from August 31, 2016, to November 7, 2017. The battery cables and hydraulic lines may not be properly secured, allowing them to contact the driveshaft or exhaust system. Winnebago, (641) 585-3535.


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